Instant Instagram Sucess

Instagram is worldwide photo sharing service where everyone can place photos, but in reality it is not as simple as one may think if he or she wants to become noticed on Instagram. They are many users on Instagram that are posting dozens of photos daily without receiving almost any attention. In order to help you to be noticed on Instagram we created small guide that will lead you to instant Instagram success.

Instagram as many other sharing media service compress images when you upload them to the server. It is reasonable option because compressed images means smaller size, but before you start with serious Instagram exposure you should take this fact in consideration. Therefore, always save original photos on some external device, or backup them regularly. There is also a option on Instagram that will allow you to save your images and to enter this option go to your profile and tap three dots on the top right. On that way your images will be secure and you can always upload them again from external media. Also, be aware that you should set up options about privacy of your account. That is very important because you must enable option on your account so that everyone can follow your profile.

If you want to make your profile private you can do it via options menu through your profile page and set option to Private Account. When you start to upload your photos on Instagram the most important thing is to enter hashtags with significant keywords. If you do not place hashtags on your images no one will be able to find your amazing masterpiece, therefore hashtags are extremely important. Do not worry that anybody can change your hashtags or posts, like it is possible on Facebook, Instagram allows only original user to change text and hashtags in posts. One of the great tips that you should apply is placing ge0 hashtags on your images.

It is not the best practice that will generate traffic automatically and the best way to do it is simply to tag the picture with the place where you made your photo. Just select Add to Photo Map, and other users will be able to see the place where you made your photo. Another extremely important issue is that if you want to be very successful on social media, if you want to become a brand, then you should link your Instagram Account with other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. By default Instagram will allow you to connect all those accounts so that you can share your images on different platforms simultaneously. Do not forget that Instagram can be used as efficient photo editor and you can use this option to your advantage. You can use Instagram as quick solution rather than waiting too long for most production in Photoshop or similar software. If you still need additional help, or a way to get a lot of true followers, try as reliable Instagram related site. We are hoping that our Instagram tips and tricks helped you to start your career on this amazing photo sharing service. Drop us a note, next time we will cover some Instagram marketing tricks.

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Devil Survivor 2 3ds Review

Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker is basically two games in a single package, both of which are awesome games! Do you remember Devil Survivor 2, a delightful Nintendo DS strategic role-playing game from 2012? Now it comes to 3Ds, available as Nintendo 3ds emulator apk in new, remastered edition and bringing the strong fragrance of retro nostalgia for an army of hungry RPG fans.

Basically, Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker is strategic RPG game, but with unbelievable depth or twist. In a game, you will travel across a world map, thinking about every move in order to gain strategic advantage over your opponents. But, in this game you are not only supposed to control individual units, but in fact every unit represents a group of three units. When you start a combat the view will be turned into battle screen and you will be able to control every move of your characters. The game will demand from you to think in advance, to find weak spots of your enemies and to use specific attacks in order to defeat them. Opponents are not just training dolls, they will try to figure out your weak spots and concentrate their attacks around that weak spot in your defense.

The game forces you to make right decisions, because wrong move can be devastating for your team. There are huge amount of depth in every combat move, especially when you are about to defat elite units or special Bosses in the game. They have wide range of special attacks and you will need to think twice before make every move. If your team is weak, you can gain additional strength by free battles. You will have access to demons contracts and possibility to upgrade them in order to defat elite mobs in the game. Basically, the game is divided in two parts the Triangulum and the Septentriones. You can choose the scenario you want at the beginning of the game. The Septentriones is in fact original game, while Triangulum begins where Septentriones ends. The basic plot is about surviving the chaotic disaster of mysterious demon-summoning attack on humanity. If you decide to skip original scenario and go straight to Triangulum, you will notice significant difference in comperation to the first part of the game. You can choose difficulty level within the game. That is very nice feature, because you will be able to grind in order to level your characters and level much faster.

Devil Survivor 2 is a long game, you will need at least 60 hours to solve the mysteries of demonic forces and save humanity. The game brings four different endings, depending upon your choices and characters.
Devil Survivor 2 is really a great strategy RPG game that will satisfy fans of a genre with intense, detailed combat and deep gameplay. It present the best aspects of this genre and we can recommend Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker for any 3ds gamer. Hours of fun are guaranteed!

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Try your luck with Hand of Fate

Hand of Fate is old school card RPG that will invoke memories of old D&D days. It is interesting combination of collectable card game with some elements of third-person action adventures. Get your psn code generator and search for your portion of luck in this remarkable game.

In a game player will be able to collect various equipment, artifacts and items. Enemies are in fact, collectible cards that are transformed in 3dWorld when battle is about to start. You will be able to create two decks of cards, first one inventory deck for weapons and armors, and encounter deck, full of a variety of enemies. Game is divided in 13 missions with one single goal: seek out and kill the boss at the end of a dungeon. The goal is to get to the boss card and defeat it in order to unlock next level of the game. With acquired gold you will be able to heal wounds, buy more food or buy equipment. Every step along your card path costs you 1 food, so in theory you can lose all your health by starving to death if you do not win challenges. You will begin each level with various amount of health, food, and gold, You will need to work your way through the game with a deck and confidence that this time you will have better fate than the last.

When entering an battle you will draw one or up to three cards which will display the number of enemies their type. Combat in is basic with simple melee attacks and counters with the occasional dodge roll. Special weapons that can be obtained through exploration add depth and variation. Some technical glitches and simple combat system stifle some of the fun, but the other elements will push you to play just one more shuffle. Although it’s technically faulty in some degree, Hand of Fate is an fascinating premise that brings an old-fashioned adventure style card game that is extremely repayable.

For those gamers that have played Dungeons & Dragons series, it will be familiar feeling that all in a game is about roll of the die. Beside luck factor, it has great combat system and good mechanics that should have you coming back for hours on end. Hand of Fate combines elements from collectible card games, adventure games and action RPGs and create an experience that is unique and fun.

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Clash of Clans Cannon Guide

The first defensive structure In Clash of Clans is the Canyon. Cannons are great defense structure and can save your base if you apply several simple, yet useful tricks. They deal high damage per second to a single unit and may attack only ground units.

Cannons attacks with a speed of 1 attack per 0.8 seconds and while the Canyons begins as a very weak Tower, with constant updates, they gain large DPS and a solid pool HP. At Town Hall 7 you will be able to produce 5 Cannons and six Cannons at City Hall level 10. They are also the cheapest and most commonly available defensive structure, which makes them a good initial investment. Cannons are easy picks for Balloons or Dragon if they are not within range of Air Defense, Archer Towers or Wizard Towers.
It is important to know strengths and weaknesses of the Canyons and where to place them within the base. Also important issue is a priority of updates. The Canyons are all-around defensive structure with moderate amount of health and high damage. They are extremely efficient against ground units like Golems, Heroes and Giants. The Cannons are weak against Air Units and they can be easily overwhelmed by many units. Barbarians and Archers overwhelm Cannons when used in a large number. Best strategy is to place Cannons within the range of a mortar to help protect against ground units. . Make sure that Cannon is placed around the range of Air Defense because the cannon cannot target air units.

Try to place your Cannons along the edges of the base. This placement allows Cannon to hit ranged units that might be trying to snipe buildings. Even if the Mortar is placed deep at the base its long range will be able to help the Canyon to survive. Another option is to place Cannons near Archer Towers to prevent enemy air units to snipe Cannons from distance. Priority upgrade is also very important. If you are in a lack of resources find some clash of clans cheats available online and build your Cannons. Try to upgrade your Cannons to a highest possible level before moving to the next Town Hall level. Cannons have a high rate of fire and also great range which makes them ideal for neutralize Wall Breakers.Try to apply above given tips and tricks and build perfect Cannon based defense.

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Champions Defense Guide

In FIFA 15,the defending system is very much improved and it became much more difficult in comparation with previous Fifa edition. Attack is more effective and it is very difficult for average player to organize proper defense. Here is a perfect guide for successful defense gameplay in Fifa 15!

Keep opponent on a distance

You should focus more on covering your opponent and ensuring he is as far as possible from your goal. If you pressure well, you’ll probably also be able to take lead of lots of passes. From other side, auto-tackling has become much less operational in current version of the game. In FIFA 14, player would automatically stick a foot out if an opponent was dribbling nearby. In Fifa 15 you need manually to activate tackling button to be really effective. It is very important to concentrate on your tactics and right time to react. Shots can be really deadly and you should pay attention to block them properly. In order to be really effective you must master all segments of the game.

Pass Expectation

One of the most important skills that you may develop in FIFA 15 is feeling and prediction of the passes your opponent will make. That is probably the most useful skill you can perfect in FIFA 15. For many players, game spins around a solid passing game. Effective defending involves bearing in mind all of the passing choices and paths available for your opponent and closing off the most risky of them. Most players seem to do the same thing in every position, so try to watch for these designs and take benefit when you notice them. Whoever you have chosen to be part of your team, make sure that his attributes and play-style fits into that of the team.


Formations are very important

Lots of formations in FIFA 15 include a central defensive player in a middle of the field. It is very important for you to have a fast Central Defensive Midfielders that can break up attacks. A single Central Defensive Midfielder is more effective than two men staying back as with two you will notice a big opening between them that can be broken.

If you are looking for online fifa 15 coin generator, we can recommend you to follow link provided in text.

Remember that defense is just as important in FIFA 15 as attacking. You should become skilled at defending and you have a good chance of beating more experienced players or more importantly those with stronger teams.

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The Order 1886

The Order: 1886

If you are looking for supernatural steampunk game on Playstation 4 here is new title – The Order: 1886 that brings great graphics and impressive technical characteristics, and impressive art design.


The Order: 1886 is a game with absolutely wonderful concepts and setting. It takes g place in alternate universe 1886 London, and you play as Sir Galahad – a Knight in the Order of the Round Table!

You will be involved with a group that serves a throne since days of Cammelot and King Arthur. The Knights are able to extend their lives by using some kind of black fluid and protect England from various enemies through centuries. The story of The Order: 1886 is mixture of supernatural mythology, the history of innovation, humanity and religion.

Gameplay is true shooter style with various weapons and combat style like rifles, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles or even more dangerous like side arms and grenades, Thermite rifle and Arc gun. Whole gameplay is fun and intense.


In our opinion, this is the best looking game ever made on a technical level on home consoles and can show the power of the current generation of consoles. You will be impress with the cover-shooting mechanics that are superbly done. Dispatching enemies will feel gratifying, and you will be able to experiment with various weapons to make progress through the game. Downside of the game is that it is very short and it ends quite prematurely. Stealth combat in a game is basic and you will not use this mode a lot.

What developer Ready at Dawn has managed to do is to capture the look of film within a game. It creates spectacular depth-of-field effects and an incredible level of detail. The character models are similarly impressive, brought to life with an impressive level of accuracy. This game is exclusive to PS4 and it’s also working on best ps4 emulator.


The Order: 1886 is a game of stunning graphical elements but with restrictive gameplay, average shooting and gameplay. It’s a fantastic looking game, but it’s too short and predictive. You will find yourself in situations where AI will companions bossing you around, or poor game mechanics will lead you into instant death.

If you are able to overcome gameplay issues like poor stealth and looking for visuals, this game is definitely for you, as it has best graphics available on Playstation 4 at this moment. If you are looking for pure gameplay, The Order 1886 will probably be just a one afternoon entertain.


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What you should not do in Clash of Clans

You will find a ton of advices what you should do in Clash of Clans in order to be successful. This time, read carefully, here is a list of things that you should not do in a game!

  1. Don’t Go into Gaps!

2Gaps, or little empty spaces among walls may be ideal for deploying your army, but be careful. Other defensive structures will be able to target that spot in a second, and most probably you will activate a Hidden Tesla trap. Once a battle starts, it will not be easy to find that spot and quickly deploy your troops.

  1. 2. Do not group your Golems

Golems are great tanks, they have a lot of hit points, but if your Golems are grouped together they will do a poor job providing necessary protection forother units like Wizards and Archers. Never deploy them in a group and always spread your Golems!

  1. Don’t Mix Your Units

There are many combinations of units that you may create in “Clash of Clans” and some are really useless. Basically never mix too much ground and air units and if you are successful with certain strategy – stick with it! If you want more usins fast then try some of the best clash of clans hack around.

  1. Do not target your own units!

It is extremely important when and where you are casting your spells. If you use Rage Spell know what building your troops are attacking and drop rages ahead of them. On that way effect will last a little longer. If you are using Lightning Spell be careful about timing. If you release your lighting too soon you will probably miss the target. If you are using Jump spell, important issue is to calculate where your troops are going before you actually cast a spell.

  1. Do not Zap Dragons

Almost natural reflex if you found that a Dragon just came out of enemy’s Clan Castle is to use lighting spell. Do not waste your lightning spells on Dragons, but use them to destroy smaller buildings.

  1. Don’t Cross Inferno Towers

If you are attacking a base with several Inferno Towers, never ever attack them al in a same time. Attack one by one, otherwise they may destroy your army within seconds if your troops become trapped in cross fire.

  1. Don’t neglect Witches

Witches has small amount of health and pitiful damage per second ratio, but do not neglect them, they can be very powerful units generating skeletons every few seconds during a battle. Because she’s very fragile You will need to deploy her away from defenses.

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PlayStation 4

Easy ways to get PSN Codes in Sweepstakes

The great thing about PlayStation network! You don’t need to have a PC anymore to interact with your friends.

PlayStation 4What are the PSN codes? These are a virtual currency which is used to purchase Playstation Games, expansions and downloadable content instead of credit card. Similar to Xbox these codes can be bought with real money, which is not so good, because it is not free and not all the members have credit cards. There are a two ways of getting a free cards for PlayStation Network. One is Free Codes Giveaway and the other one is PlayStation Network Code Generator – which is used in on a daily giveaways.

So the question is – what is PSN Generator and what is Daily Giveaways?

Similar to Microsoft Points Generator of Xbox 360 , the this type of  generator for PS3 codes is one of the two methods to get gift cards like The Free PSN Card Codes at or more recently from . Part of the codes are dedicated to Premium Giveaways which are mostly given to the most active Facebook, YouTube and tweeter members because of sharing and inviting the other members to join giveaway.

For those members who doesn’t use facebook or twitter there is the Generator as the software for daily giveaways. It is a simple tool which searches servers for the new gift card which is dedicated to playstation plusthe purpose every day until the codes are given. Of course, there is no hacking of PlayStation involved and all the keys are donated by its sponsors.

Another  method of getting codes for PlayStation network is  a Premium Giveaway for facebook and twitter members and those with Google + . Just by liking and joining some Facebook pages and following on tweeter you can get a chance to win some of the best prizes they offer. By sharing and being active on facebook page or just re-tweeting, you will be rewarded with bonuses by administrators which can give you an advantage over the other members at the end of giveaway.

One more amazing feature is that if a member that you invited to join gets PSN or any other Gift Card you will get a bonus totally free.

PS4 code generator has the new skin and some cool new features. The most important thing is that the auto update that is integrated in the new version will automatically update the databases for all the codes in the daily giveaway. This new version brings the new sponsors, and now the member activity plays main function. As you have more entries you will have the more cards you can get and it gives you more opportunity to win in the Premium giveaways at the end of the month.

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browser games

The browser games for 2014

Addictive and fun-filled online diversions are for the most part welcoming preoccupations from the push that is social event to individuals in their everyday lives. These interests give the merited break for the individuals and the best thing about free program based recreations is that according to their name, they are offered as a free intends to individuals for enthralling themselves. Likewise, they can be played whenever through the machine with web association. In the vast majority of the cases, they can be played without introducing any extra programming system to the framework. For the most part, websites giving this facility of playing has ordered the following classification of the best browser games for 2014.

browser games

Riddles: Puzzle amusements can likewise be called as cerebrum teasers and if an individual need a diversion from the frenzied work and in the event that he need a down-time, the best thing he can do is to choose one under this classification and can revel in an unwinding time. As he will need to completely utilize his mind as a part of the procedure, he can unwind and restore himself and afterward can participate in his work. Individuals of any age gathering can play them and there is no necessity that youngsters alone ought to utilize them for diversion reason.

For youngsters: There are a few sites, where there will be recreations uncommonly implied for children. Notwithstanding giving the right sort of diversion to children, these options are known to advance their mental and physical advancement also. Indeed there are instructive based amusements and folks can make their little children to play these plan B, which will empower them to addition general physical and mental advancement.

Activity: Even however, young ladies are pulled in generally towards confuse and mind teasers, a large portion of the young men search for activity diversions that are loaded with battle successions and terminating. Despite the fact that, these plan B are known to cause sick consequences for the general advancement of little children, grown-ups can delight in these activity successions and can likewise make their children to play them under their supervision. Here, folks ought to be cautious about making their kids to play these recreations for frequently just. At that point, they can be made to play confuses.

Games: While a few children affection perplex and activity, there are likewise some kids and grown-ups, who have extraordinary rage towards sports. They like to play free program based diversions like cricket and soccer and here they can discover their most loved cricketers in cartoon form.

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