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The state of Texas has been one of the states that has turned away from casino gambling in the past. They have lawmakers that are now discussing making the state a central figure for gambling, but others who do not want the expansion.

The battle is heating up all across the state. A new Bill that has been proposed would bring twelve casinos to Texas and with that may casinos, it means that they would be located in different counties.

Each of the counties has their own einloggen opinion on whether there should be casinos. Officials from Tarrant County have come out lately against casinos, fearing that they are only being used as a way out of financial difficulty.

“It’s not the sort of economic development I want to encourage,” said Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley, “At this point, I’m just not sure I can see the merits of doing that.”

The new Bill that has been introduced has come from both sides of the aisle. Four lawmakers have sponsored the Bill, two of them are Democrats and the other two Republicans. While it is receiving support in the state government, individual cities are not as enthusiastic.

“I would explore other sources of revenue before I would encourage casino gambling in our city,” said Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief. Fort Worth is one of the areas that is a potential site for a casino.

Other possible sites include Dallas, El Paso, and Galveston. There also would be three tribal casinos if the Bill is approved.