The IGREA Initiative Encourages the Repeal of the UIGEA

Last week Casino Gambling Web representatives delivered 435 informational packages and a CD to every congress person in the United States House of Representatives. This week Casino Gambling Web requested all Americans who were affected by last year’s passing of the UIGEA to call in support of this mission, which was titled ‘The IGREA Initiative’.

As a result of this request for all affected Americans to call their congress person to express their support for ‘The IGREA Initiative’, the site received many requests asking to explain what exactly ‘The IGREA Initiative’ is.

The IGREA is short for the ‘Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act’, or Bill H.R. 2046, which is the bill Congressman Barney Frank proposed in congress as a repeal to the UIGEA.

‘The IGREA Initiative’ has four parts.

The first part is the petition statement that the site sponsored that was signed in large majority by poker players and those wishing to express their desire to gain their freedom back in America. The petition statement demanded an immediate repeal of the UIGEA.

All comments were organized by state and copied onto papers correlating to each state’s representatives. Each packet delivered was hand addressed to each representative. To see the comments from the petition those interested can go to the Petition that is still up and running and read them. On the petition site the names may say anonymous, but on the delivered packet full names were used along with the person’s state, and zip code, which is why a copy of that portion of the ‘The IGREA Initiative’ cannot be released.

The second part of ‘The IGREA Initiative’ was a list of 10 reasons why Internet gambling should be legalized. There were no special interests addressed in this portion of the packet and the general theme was that Americans want their freedom back, that regulations of Internet gambling are needed to protect problem and underage gamblers, and that legalization is needed in order to comply with current WTO rulings. That portion of the packet was hand signed by an American voting citizen who has no special interest in gambling, but simply believes in retaining freedom of American.

The third part of ‘The IGREA Initiative’ was a summary of Barney Frank’s Bill H.R. 2046.

The fourth part of ‘The IGREA Initiative’ was a CD that contained all the testimony given at the Financial Services Hearing on whether Internet gambling could be effectively regulated at the current time.

Also included on the CD was the complete petition with the complete list of names and comments. A Harvard University Study and a South African study on gambling were also included on the CD. Each CD was unique in that each state representative was addressed when the CD was open.

No where on this packet of papers, or on the CD, is Casino Gambling Web mentioned, as this action was done on behalf of the American people who were strongly disappointed that a freedom was taken away from them with the passing of last year’s UIGEA.

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